Robert Duck  › J.C. Park Appreciation Tournament   October 9, 2012 at 7:41am

This Sunday around 8:30am I will be at JC Park Kentwood getting ready for Oct. 20th event. If you had the chance to see what we are doing out there you have to realize how much work is going into this. This Sunday will be hopefully a final touch up prior to event for the 20th. I will be bringing out the zero turn with pull behind to move some of the bigger branches to a better location around t
he holes that have fallen. We will be painting as many roots and trip hazards as possible, and if anyone would like to show up early i wont turn away help. I have more mulch to lay down around two holes and I believe I can get tens basket temporally fixed with some luck. I really want to Thank The Grand River Bandits Football team for their support it really was noticed the clean up was good. I like the fact we have cans out on the course so hopefully people will use them. I just got together the ctp and long putt markers and wow prize support is nice. Thank You in advance to Menards, WGRD, Subway, Golden Pawn, Ducks Lawn Care, Alpha Players, City Of Kentwood, WLAV, WKTV, Seir Monroe and his wonderful wife and football team The Grand River Bandits, Kentwood Scouts, And Walt Smith for all his support and efforts with Our Disc Golf League. This should be a very good event. League members your lunch is provided, all others please donate $2.00 for food to help offset the costs. Even if you dont disc golf come out and see a great park. Thank you