Louie Orozco  › Ace Race Twenty-12   September 24, 2012 at 8:44pm

Thanks to those of you who came out to support the 10th Annual Discraft Ace Race! And a special thanks to Ms. Mother Nature for being cool to us.

Since there’s not a way to score Ace Race results I figured I’d do it in a generic manner. Here you go:

2012 Discraft Ace Race Champion
Mike Guilliame 3A 4M with 7 Mulligans

Danny Trubiano 2A 5M with 54 Mulligans
Donny Willis 2A 5M with 3 Mulligans
Brad Larson 2A 2M with 10 Mulligans
Som Bouasri 2A 0M with 14 Mulligans
Joe Schacht 1A 3M with 21 Mulligans
Aaron Merideth 1A 0M with 8 Mulligans
Greg Roberts 1A 0M with 4 Mulligans
Adam Renfro 0A 5M with 28 Mulligans
Cory Knowles 0A 4M with 0 Mulligans
Andrew DiRoma 0A 2M with 14 Mulligans
Tom Ireland 0A 2M with 0 Mulligans
James Beckner 0A 2M with 12 Mulligans
Will Harrison 0A 2M with 37 Mulligans
Brian Cassidy 0A 1M with 21 Mulligans
Dale Williams 0A 1M with 28 Mulligans
Duane Shelton 0A 1M with 3 Mulligans
John Thein 0A 1M with 10 Mulligans
Loren Benedict 0A 1M with 7 Mulligans
Louie Orozco 0A 1M with 14 Mulligans
Reggie Griffin 0A 1M with 22 Mulligans

To those of you who I'm holding player's packs for, lets meet up soon. The sooner we get together the better the chance you'll get the weights you want. I'm free M-F after 5 pm.