Punderson Disc Golf   May 14 at 12:47am

Glow League for 2018?

I'd like to bring glow disc golf back to Punderson this summer. 4 nights...one monthly in June -- September. I'd also like to make this a scramble style league, with random draw, playing all 18 holes, with few alternate tees to ease the flow, like on holes 6, 15, and 18. Is there any interest in this before I start trying to figure out the schematics of getting this going?

Brandon Loraine   May 14 at 1:38pm

Yeah, I'll help with the setup, and I still need to get you the discs, we may need to order sticks, but I also have an idea for baskets

Bob Becker   May 14 at 3:08pm


Larry Bright Jr.   May 14 at 6:22pm

cool. i'll see what dates work and try to get something planned.