Clown Royal  › Deuces For Dewey   May 21, 2012 at 8:20pm

Congrats to all the winners

1st round top 5 "captains" were Teddy Pittman (overal best score), Amy Bedau, Joe Wingett, Scott Spear Sr. and Levi Fisher. (All recieved $20)

2nd round winners: Team Captain Levi Fisher, Robbie Savage, K Dogg, Ryan Vincent, Jaimie Vincent, Dave Dunn and Joe Bowman. (All recieved prize pack)

CTP Winner: Dave Peterson ($50)

Aces: Teddy Pittman Hole 5 @ Whitehall, Cody Landers Hole 4 @ Funabashi and Ace Mitchell hole 3 @ Funabashi