Brian "DGFC" Evans  › Riverbend Park   March 7, 2017 at 11:53am

Hello fellow disc golfers if you missed Sunday night’s addition to Disc Golf Chat With Santa and The Brain please go to our YouTube channel and check out the interview with Mark Stephens our Michigan State PDGA Coordinator. Also a very special announcement Dave Lonteen owner of Death By Disc/Lonteen Artworx and Oddities Collectors, bringing you the best in Disc Golf Collectibles and Oddities, has decided to sponsor our show! In honor of his sponsorship will be doing a prize to all that have subscribed to our channel. As of right know we have 53 subscribers, on Saturday morning we will doing a random draw of all the subscribers for this sweet package New Era Death By Disc Snapback #20 Death By Rhyno (mini stamp) 2 Rhyno minis. Click on the link below and Subscribe to our channel for your chance to win!