K'Aces Disc Golf   October 8, 2016 at 2:40pm

Summer League Payouts

I still owe a bunch of people some stuff from the K'Aces Summer Leagues. Usually CTP prizes are forfeit after the league, but I forgot to pass them out to the people that showed up after the morning round. So I'm going to have those prizes available until the start of Winter League, which starts November 6th, 9-10am at Oshtemo and 12pm at Coldbrook, November 7th. Final league prizes, trophies, and membership items will also be available then too. Final league prizes and membership items (shirts are subject to availability) will be available until the end of next April. I will also have everything available today at the Josh Ryder Memorial at ViRA. Here is a list of who I owe and what I owe:

Kyle Adams – Final
Christopher Albert – CTP
Kevin Andree – Membership
Douglas Ayars – Membership
Jason Bailey – CTP
Doug Berger – Final
Joe Bos – Final, CTP
Treston Bradshaw – Membership
Geoff Brown – Membership
Chris Buckley – CTP
Jack Bungart – CTP
Robert Burroughs – Final
Heather Cain – CTP
Jose Carrizales – CTP
Jordan Case – Membership
Andrew Claussen – Lost Disc
Alan Cox – CTP
Isaac Cox – Membership
Ray Craft – Lost Disc
Wordy Cuyler – Final
Chris Davis – CTP
Ken Dykstra – CTP
Andrew English – CTP, Final
Ryan Gingrich – CTP
Allen Goldwater – Membership
Bruce Goldwater – Membership
Ben Greenwald – Lost Disc
Nick Hanson – Final
Lisa Harbour – Final
Matt Hickey - Membership
John Holmes – Final
Kenny Howard - Membership
J-Budz – Lost Disc
Jeremy Kellogg – CTP, Final
Pete Kuliczkowski - Membership
Vinnie Levering – Final
David Logwood – Final
Joseph Loosier - Membership
Cassie Martin – CTP, Final
Jose Martinez - Membership
John Mazurek – Final
Charles McClelland – CTP
Aaron McVay – CTP, Final
Caleb Mergener - Membership
Jeremy Middleton – Final
Ian Millar – CTP, Final
Ryley Millar – Final
Dustin Morton - Membership
Flip Navarro – Final
Will Pallaschke – Membership
Adam Person - Membership
Mike Pete – CTP, Final
Brandon Proxmire – Final
Matt Reed – CTP
Alan Reeder - Membership
Adam Reichow – CTP, Final
James Remmington – Final
Lucas Rewa – Final
Tessa Rewa – CTP, Final
Nate Richmond – Final
Ken Rife – Membership
Matt Rife - Membership
Bill Rook – Final, Membership
Jason Saari – CTP
Curt Shelton – CTP
Steven Smith – CTP
Lawrence Springer - Membership
Seth Stevens – Final
Jace Stone – Membership
Dan Stroud - Membership
Kevin Swanson – CTP
Clint Tackett – Final
Andrew Townsley - Membership
Kris Van Bogelen – CTP
Jessa Vander Vleit – Final
Scott Vreeman – CTP, Membership
Lisa Walterhouse – Membership
Ritchie Walterhouse – Membership
Blake Walters – CTP, Final
Ryan Warner – CTP
Al White – Final
Cody Whitney – CTP
Ed Whitney – Membership
Kayle Whitney – Membership
David Williams – Membership
Mitchell Wilson – Membership
Jared Wood – Membership
Cory Yancer - CTP

If anyone can help get items to people I owe, it would be appreciated! Thanks!!

Alan Cox   October 23, 2016 at 8:01pm

I messaged you, larry