Foz Miller  › 2011 Michigan State Championship   September 12, 2011 at 12:19am

Photo Montage of the 2011 State Championship anyone? Would you like to assist in the project? Anyone & everyone can help.

I'd like to turn some of these captured memorize into a montage video. I would love to add other players and shutter bugs images and video in as well. If you link your photos and videos to the Tournament here on DGS and send me a message that it's OK to use your photos or video I will review all and include as many as possible with photo credit, to cover the event from as many angles as possible. I'll post the final video here and on YouTube.

I would love to have some help to identify players and events in the photos posted so I know I have them correct and even suggestions for some captions if the mood hit you. If you like a photo or video Vote for it and all the ones you like or feel helps capture the event as a whole. I will use the votes to help identify the images and videos that should be consider for inclusion into the the project. No promises of an Oscar award winning video but it should be fun and will help immortalized for posterity and provide a few laughs and smiles to those who want to see the people, players, staff and events that made up this amazing weekend and the 2011 Michigan State Disc Golf Championships.

If you have files but for some reason can't get them posted send me a message and we'll work something out to get them in.

Jeff - Speedy return of you bag and belongings. I'm still in disbelief that after all you have done and opening your home up to all the players that anyone would take your bag. I have been waiting to hear that it was all a mistake and the bag was someplace safe. Thanks for all you do. If I can help in any way please let me know. I'll be hoping the bag shows up and watching for them just in case.