Tim Evans  › Deuces For Dewey   May 16, 2012 at 5:02pm

Here is an update on the rundown of this event.

- 1st round at Whitehall pre- reg by 2:30. We will pay out the top 5 individual score of round 1. These 5 will be the team captains for the glow round.

- After round 1 we'll head straight to Funabashi for the $50 CTP throw off. Everyone gets 2 shots off Mt. Fukishimu. Additional shots can be purchased for $5.

- 2nd round will begin at 8:00. 5 teams will be chosen based on 1st round scores so that they are evenly matched. Team scores will be recorded for each hole.

Aces = 5pts
Deuces = 1pt