Mike Fortunato  › Loco Sixo   May 4, 2011 at 12:09am

If there is one thing I've learned from throwing events, designing courses and playing in tournaments, it's that you can't please everyone. No matter what your intentions are, someone always has some criticism. And criticism can be good if it is presented in a way that can foster change and growth.

I appreciate that fact that Mike, and apparently a lot of others, had concerns about Saturday. Its a shame that other people didn't feel like they could approach me with their concerns on how the event was run and hid behind Mike. I may have disagreed with how Mike went about expressing his feelings, but I am not trying to deny that Loco wasn't perfect. For ****s sake, we ran a 133 person B Tier with TWO people. It wasn't easy.

I personally spent close to 100 hours in creating artwork, logistical planning, throwing fundraisers, collecting sponsorships, getting the courses marked, pre regging people, running the event, etc etc etc. And I wouldn't have done any of it if I didn't love the sport of disc golf and the local community that makes this a great area to play.

Its just frustrating when you put so much into something and get few thanks and so much negative criticism. The 101 is all about throwing fun events. If you didn't have fun, then I failed and thats on me. If you did have a good time, then I am glad.