Andy Bawol  › Loco Sixo   May 3, 2011 at 7:59pm

You pay attention now because you're cashing in higher spots not because you learned to watch how events paid out. It's as simple as that. If you want respect and big rewards for playing a sport well you picked the wrong one Mike. You will never get a big reward for throwing a disc into a basket. Accept that and you will be far better off. Also look at it this way, some guy takes last cash in open at loco but usually doesn't play that division. He now is more likely to play pro and donate to you in the long run. If you didn't live in the here and now and thought about future income you would see that having a few events pay deep into the field is a plus in the long run for players of you're caliber.

As far as respect goes, you don't deserve any foreign good at throwing a disc. None. You get respect by showing it amd acting like a ****ing adult. Beating a person who worked his ass of to give you the opportunity to play a meaningless sport for decent sums of cash is acting like a child. Act your age. You thankful for people like 101 who support disc golf. They do things to promote the sport unlike someone I know. The southeast Michigan disc golf.scene would be the same without you but not without them. Show some respect to the people making disc golf possible and you will get respect in return. It's a fairly simple concept