Mike Fortunato  › Loco Sixo   May 3, 2011 at 12:09am

To address Mike's concerns I'd like to offer the fact that I did not take out the $3 per player fee for any of the 133 players from any division. So you can consider that to be another $402 added cash overall and another $93 added cash to the MPO purse. That was part of the reason that I decided to payout the MPOs using the 50% table instead of the 45% table.

If I were to have paid out the MPO division the White Mike recommended 45%, they would have been the following:

1. 460
2. 305
3. 225
4. 175
5. 145
6. 125
7. 105
8. 95
9. 85
10. 75
11. 70
12. 65
13. 60
14. 55

That means you would have made a whopping $15 dollars more if I had decided to use the 45% table and you probably would have made less that the $290 you did had I taken out the $3 per player fee that most TDs do.

Please show some respect. Personally, I don't think one of the best Pro players in the state sets a good example to other players, and especially younger players, by complaining about a $15 difference in payouts and making childish threats to the club who hosts the events. Sorry you got a cold pizza.