Ypsi Dubs 2014 Summer League - The Original - Tuesdays   July 17, 2014 at 1:24am

Ypsi Dubs Tuesday 7/15 Round: 52 Players - Next week HLW 2X Points!!

One last round next week to wrap up the season and it will be a doozy - Yes it's our DGLA MiCPS Highlighted League of the Week - DOUBLE POINTS baby.

In typical Ypsi Dubs HLW fashion you will probably find a CTP on every hole. If anyone has any creative ideas ( No Matt - No Ypsi Dubs Underwear this year.... ;-) we are always looking for new and exciting things to offer - donation always appreciated. Otherwise many will come from the Ypsi Dubs Treasure chest and CA$H.

Speaking of New and Exciting - How fast can you throw a disc?
Get the answer during the pre-round CTP. If all works out Carey Holleran will be bringing a speed gun and we will have a net. Fastest throws will win the pre-round CTP and bragging rights will be yours.

You may also find some FREE food before the round as well so if your hungry get there early while the food lasts.... If it's hot we will have Ypsi Dubs Icy Pops as well ;-)

Need to buy some new stuff before States in Ludington - Ace Pool is at $383 - playing Shorts...........

As quickly as I can I will award the Discraft Mi Disc Golf Championship berths. Several at the top of the leaderboard already have their berths so we will go down the leaderboard......

Tuesday, July 15, 2014
Rolling Hills County Park
Doubles round Short tees, 18 holes

A big Ypsi Dubs Welcome to M. Nelson & Chris Kerns.

Got a throw in a Special Welcome to Steve Bell :-) - great to see you Mr. Bell

Thanks Mike Raley for making the suggestion of Assigned Starting Hole a reality. It seemed to really help with the large group and improving the CTP pickups. We will explore doing this in the future.

Thanks Matt Schooley for running reg & payouts as usual.

Beautiful but Windy day seemed to impact scores. Big pile up at -11 for 3rd through 8th. Damian Redman & Foz took 2nd with a -12.
Tom Mikowski and Chilly Chillson took 1st with -15 for $80 & 54 points.

No Aces so the Ace pool grows to $383.

Hole 3 Reg $10 Mike Christian
Hole 4 50/50 $26 Geoff Bennett
Hole 6 100% $52 Bobby Mac
Hole 10 Treasure Chest Soup
Hole 17 Reg $10 Bobby Mac
Hole 18 Treasure Chest Tom MC

$260 for payouts

Partners Payout Points
1st -15 39 Tom Mikowski and Chilly Chillson $80 54
2nd -12 42 Damian Redman and Foz Miller $50 50
3rd -11 43 Mark Manard and Mateo Lawry $40 38
4th -11 43 Ken Moote and Bryan "Soup" Campbell $30 38
5th -11 43 Nate Mullins and Oid . $20 38
5th -11 43 Jon Y and Smitty The angry lefty $20 38
7th -11 43 Matt Schooley and Ken Parks $10 38
7th -11 43 Sam Smith and Jay Davis $10 38

Don't forget Double Points and Double the Fun next week - the last week of the summer season but we will continue through the end of Sept (except Aug 12th) but start time may begin to change as we lose light.

Also Indoor Putting August 12th 6:00 at B-Dubs near HWY 94 & Huron.

Peace - Enjoy the Rounds