Ypsi Dubs 2014 Summer League -={Church}=- Suuuuundays   July 14, 2014 at 10:15pm

Ypsi Dubs ~={CHURCH}=~ 7/13 Round: 25 Players

Next Sunday is our last round of our 2014 Summer Season. Yes we will continue to play every Sunday, ~={CHURCH}=~ is in service all year round, but we will determine who wins the State Championship berths, the Top three that go on the Plague in the Lodge and the Top player's name to be etched onto the Ypsi Dubs Holy Grail.

Sunday, July 13, 2014
Rolling Hills County Park
Doubles round Long Tees Odd, Short Tees Even, 18 holes

No Aces this week so the Ace Pools climbs to $726

Partners Payout Points
1st -11 43 Mike Raley no partner (Cali) $60 28
2nd -8 46 Marc Sobota and Kevin Meyer $40 22
3rd -8 46 Chilly Chillson and Ken Moote $20 22
4th -7 47 Alex Rule and Pat Burke $10 16

Mark your calendars for Ypsi Dubs B-Dubs Indoor Putting League - Tuesday Aug 12th. I'd like to line up a few more all metal baskets if anyone can bring one let me know. I will let you know if it is actually needed - just want to ensure we have several available.

A week from Tomorrow (July 22nd) is Ypsi Dubs Tuesday League's DGLA MiCPS HLW. There may be a few extra CTPs on the course and some food available before the round.

Enjoy the Rounds - Peace