Ypsi Dubs 2014 Summer League - The Original - Tuesdays   May 8, 2014 at 1:37am

Ypsi Dubs Tuesday 5/6 Round: 67 Players - Family Reunion/Pts. Bonanza

OK we moved to 6:00 and we jumped to 67 players and ran into darkness but made it out alive. Thanks Glenda ;-)

Thanks also to Ken Parks donating 4 discs for two extra CTPs. Scott White also brought out a super color disc and mini set for a CTP while waiting on his new child to decide to arrive - Best to Scott & Heather.

Welcome - Nick Smith - just added to the Ypsi Dubs Roster yesterday.
Yes it was like a family reunion seeing even more of the old crew. It was said to wish Alyse well in her new job as it means she will not be around on Tuesdays - your breaking our hearts. But we will see her soon and at States. More Stuffed Animals I suspect ;-) Luv yeah Alyse - see yeah soon.

So there were 11 CTPs - don't have time to list them all here but Nice Shots....

Talking about Nice Shots - Mike Visger took hole 17 for a blind Ace and $196. Nicely Done. That also keep his team in the playoffs - Thanks again, since I was his partner ;-) Cha Ching $

Not sure if I have all the payouts assigned to the right groups as things got a bit dark at the end.

I also notice the points on the MiCPS do not seem right so I sent a message to Pete to help me out. Ypsi dubs does not cap our points so first place out right winner yesterday got 70 points.....

Tuesday, May 6, 2014
Rolling Hills County Park
Doubles round Short tees, 18 holes
Partners Payout Points
1st -15 39 Jim (JD) Daniels and Geoff Bennett $100 70
2nd -14 40 Tim Gacioch and Bruno Drouillard $70 66
3rd -13 41 Alyse Avery and Peter Wyngaard $50 60
4th -13 41 Joe Laperna and Bryan "Soup" Campbell $30 60
5th -13 41 Mike "World Champ" Raley and Casey McDonnell $20 60
6th -11 43 Mike Visger and Foz Miller $20 56
7th -11 43 Russell Taint and Brian Fallon $10 56
8th -10 44 Timmy Redman and Dan Flannigan $10 42

We will stay to 6:00 tee off for a while and then see if we can push later when the sun hangs out longer. Enjoy the Rounds - Peace

peter kunoff   May 8, 2014 at 3:16pm

Had senior moment post round and left red x firebird by practice basket a few hours before leagues this past tuesday....please send word.