Memori-Ale Disc Golf League 2014   May 4, 2014 at 4:24am

Bag Tag Challenge...

Bag tags are $15 and are numbered #1- #20. The object is to have the LOWEST number at the end of the league, August 31st.

Each Sunday-session, tags will be played for and exchanged, as well as on your own time. HIGHER number tag holders get to challenge any LOWER number for his/her tag. No refusals.

If the higher number tag holder scores lower or ties, tags are exchanged. If the lower number tag holder wins, tags remain as is.

The first Sunday-session, April 6th, will determine starting tag #'s. Challenges may be made during casual rounds as well, just post the exchanges/defenses here or on Facebook so they can be tracked. The $15 fee goes towards expenses and prizes for MemoriAle XV with a small winner's purse given to the final holder of tag #1.