Ypsi Dubs 2014 Summer League - The Original - Tuesdays   April 22, 2014 at 5:52pm

Ypsi Dubs Tuesday 4/22 News: Umbrella and Ace pool Advisory

There has been a Umbrella and Ace pool advisory issue for April 22nd at Rolling Hills:

The Physician Assistant sisters friend at the local Urgent Care has issued an umbrella advisory for April 22nd at Rolling Hills: Loose umbrellas may be hazardous to your partners performance and health. Hold on Tight or avoid the use of Umbrella in high wind situations.

Ace Pool Advisory issued: Unless your a philanthropist like Warren Edward Buffett you may want to consult your financial advisory for advice on Ace Pool investments for April 22nd at Rolling Hills. Just saying.... ;-)

Ace Pool at $248 + today - Good luck....

We Tee Off at 5:45 today.

Pre-Round Wind Test TWOsday CTP in affect - Two free shots, closest Two win Two refreshments - Celebrating our Michigan microbreweries as we like to do - Get your Wheat On - Thanks Bells - Oberon in the house.

We will have about 15 Chilli dogs if your running late and can't eat first - yes you will be "running" later but they taste great at the park. Gas up and Go.

Hope all can make it - if your working remember there is a 3 hour DG flu affecting many people on Tuesdays - it's becoming an epidemic and lots of Fun. CHAAAAA!

On a brighter weather front there is no snow in the forecast and the tee pads are clear ;-)

Enjoy the rounds