The Super Pool   April 13, 2014 at 9:40pm

Welcome to the 2014 Super Pool

The Super Pool will start out at $292 in 2014.

There is one rule change* for 2014, the rest will stay the same. See below for the rule change*.

$3 per week (Make sure your name is on the sign-up sheet, or you are not eligible.)

Pays out 3/4 of the pot for an ace.

If more than one ace is hit, then they split the 3/4 equally (1/4 always carries over to the next week).

Anyone can participate for the first four weeks, however, you must be a MCCG member to participate by week #5.

You must have been a member last year to be eligible for the carry over money from 2013.

*New Rule - If you sign up for the Super Pool in the middle of the year and the Super Pool is $750 or more, you are only eligible for the weeks you put in (back pay for registration is not allowed). After four weeks of play (on the fifth week), the new Super Pool member will be eligible for the entire pool (including the $750+ if it is still there). This is basically the same as the 'no carry over rule' at the beginning of the year. If you start contributing (consecutive weeks) when it is under $750 you are eligible for the entire pool. If you signed up as a MCCG member in the first four weeks of the year (and did not play much, or at all), then you are eligible for the entire Super Pool, even if it is over $750.

Sorry if the new rule causes any confusion. It will actually probably not affect most of you who regularly play. This rule not only came from me, but from your input as well. If you have any questions or suggestions let me know.

Good luck, see ya out there.