DGLA: Oregon Cooperative Point Series - Winter 2014   February 24, 2014 at 3:51pm

DGLA OrCPS-W: LAST WEEK of the season....Update and News 2/24/2014

OK we are in the 14th week - last week of the OrCPS-Winter 2013-2014 - I think most of us are ready for a warmer fun summer season.....

So the last week has just started, looks like only one round posted so far which shows us that it's never to late to gain more points and move up the leaderboard:

Nice round - Jesse Walker

-6 49 Feb 23 CCDG Sunday Random Doubles
Camp Taloali, Jerry Miller DGC five in long, 18 holes
Partner Dennis Swanson 16 points 3rd place

Hole 17 25 points Ace Hole 17

Nice Ace!!! Jesse

So yes we are in our final week of the OrCPS-W - what are the key things to know?

Reminder - Saturday March 1st is the last day for rounds to count in the OrCPS-Winter. After that Leagues have one week to post scores or fix anything before the overall leaderboard locks and our Oregon Disc Golf League Champion is crowned.

Can anyone catch Rick Saffeels before the end. THE "BEAST" OF THE WOODS, - scottishrob - Jesse Walker are not to far out - a win or two and a few more Aces - come on guys I'm puling for yeah ;-) Ok I'm pulling for everyone - especially to maximize your fun.

I'll break down the winning strategies and point out some interesting factoids while drinking some good beer in Germany next week and then back to get ready for the Summer season.

All Leaderboards » Overall Points
Player Points Rounds
1 Rick Saffeels 474 26
3 - scottishrob - 332 19
4 Jesse Walker 316 23
5 Erik Gyllenskog 315 27
7 RYAN ROWLEY 208 13
8 Ira B 205 15
9 Tyler . 204 14
10 Tiger Discs 203 15

DGLA: Oregon Cooperative Point Series - Summer 2014


16 week State Wide Disc Golf League Point Series

Sunday April 6th 2014 - Saturday July 26th 2014

May 3rd 2014 Saturday - deadline for adding new leagues to the Point series.

If you want to show your support for DGLA and the state-wide point series please join DGLA your life time membership is FREE for now.

Get out and enjoy these last few winter rounds.

Peace - Enjoy the rounds.