Flip Side Disc Golf   February 22, 2014 at 12:28am

24 people and Memories were made

We had a great night, thanks to Tim Barham, Bob Julio, and Discraft for the free giveaways! We gave away 2 sweet discs, a Discraft hat, and some swag. And thanks for bringing baskets.

Thanks to everyone who came out, Memories certainly didnt have a regular Tuesday night! We pretty much filled the lot!

We think the format is set up well, but not perfect. I did have some decent suggestions from various players.

I am contemplating, and discussing them with the other club staff. Time is a factor, but we may be able to extend it to 4 rounds. This round would give everyone more putts, and more chance to move into the finals. The 4th round will depend on the number of players present that night, how fast play is moving, and the owner of Memories. We had 24 people, and we were finished by 9:30!
We are using the win loss ratio to seed the finals.That is the way we are going to do it, however we may add a final round. Putt better to make the finals... Be happy we are inside!

The first Tuesday in march is the cutoff to sign up for the 100% Pay out point series. If you pay, and sign up there will be a $ next to your name.