William Gilbert  › Winter Warmer Series #7   February 9, 2014 at 2:35am

There are no fees to play in this event! Therefore no player pack or payouts.
There will be normal points, possibly bonus points, for series participants.
There will be CTP's for the people who have bought into the series only!
There will be a ACE POOL $1. This and hand warmers for $1 are the only monies changing hands.
We will have fun if playing in all that snow is fun?!?!? it is.
The next event is the final event.
All payouts for events 1-6 and 8 are via A3's merchandise only, this includes your Player Pack coupons and carried merch payouts.
The final 9 payouts, after the 1 round of 24 holes at indy, are for the top 4 in each division played which as of this moment is only Am3 and AM4. The final 9 payouts are from CJ's. you must be present and play to be paid out.
Yes i have some Heisenberg Cranks Left and the Foilio Wizards.
Yes the club did get LE GLO Zones but they will not be at this event, So Winter Warmer players will get first crack at buying these in the payouts as i will have them at event #8.

I hope i answered all the questions i saw there or from texts or phones calls.
Love you guys see you tomorrow.