Mickey "Brillomick" Anderson  › The Blizzard At Oz 2014 Ice Bowl   January 23, 2014 at 7:00am

First Thanks all of you for showing up Sunday on a cold windy day! Thanks also go out to The Lake Shore Lounge who once again stepped up for the great after party, Jt's Diner on Lost Nation Rd, Surfside Convienent for the beer raffle, wally Thompson(cash gift that bought donuts and coffee)Bob Becker and Punderson for disc and the great wind barrier. Bill Savage for just about everything and Larry Bright who donated his league ctp back to the cause as did Bill Ninja with 2 winnings this all helped to offset the cost. We will donate 280 dollars and 54 pounds of food to The Willoughby Food Pantry, so you can all be proud! not bad for 20 people! Once again the course had variable conditions with a high temp of 29 deg and variable snow depths averaging 2 inches, and of course theres the Lake and the wind chill!!! Hey but a pair of Bald Eagles came out to watch us play! Congrats to those winning prizes and I hope you had some fun! and enjoy your Magic Stupid Super Soft Putter!!