Rick Saffeels    January 13, 2014 at 9:38am

What a great turnout for the 1st ever, Two Day, Silverton/Stayton Attack of the Yeti Ice Bowl! We had 29 players between the two days, and 4 people traveled as far as Klameth Falls for this tournament! Thanks for all your food donations, contributions, and great attitudes! Our overall two Day Winners were Bryan Van Fleet, "Sam" Samantha Bush, and Josh Shields! We raised $201 for Silverton Area Community Aid (after all expenses covered) and over 100 lbs of food! We hope next year is much bigger and better! Special thanks to Canyonview Camp and Camp Taloali for hosting, Pac-West DG Alliance, Jeff Sego for your generous donation, and volunteers Jason Bruster, Steve Moore, Joe Chase, Zac Denny, Jon Long, Lee Hartman, James Medley, Mike Wilson, Russ Brown, and David Cutler for any and all help with tee pads, baskets, contributions, and support! See you on the green!