Monday Night Handicap Singles   October 30, 2013 at 6:46am


Here are the payouts for last night's league (28 October 2013), followed by a list of people who I have payouts for from previous weeks. If you see your name, get a hold of me to get your money. I will be at the bag tag finale both days, so that will be an easy time to pick up anything you're owed.

[28 October 2013]

1. John Snyder
2. Ron Owings
3. Dale Rouse
4. Steven Winslow
5. Rafael Guerrero
6. Jennie Cartwright
7. Barry Bolliger
8. Travis Towne
9. Joe Higgins

[Previous Weeks]

Juan Amaral
Rich Ayers
Brady Church
Eric Etherton
Matt Hurt
David Jackson
Kyle McElroy
Paul Pettit
Gavin (Sonney) Raney
Hayden Rue
Jason Swank
Andrew Thompson
Eric Tilgner
Chris Wilcox