Q .  › CCR Mando Fundraiser for Fitz   October 30, 2013 at 2:12am

I have had some questions about what is a mando. Mando is short for mandatory shot. Now I have played this before where the shot off the tee is something kinda silly but here is my take on this. Some drives may be rollers off the tee or sidearms. Some may be throw left of the big oak tree off the tee. Some may just be pick a driver from some elsses bag. or stand still with feet 180 from basket off the tee meaning no run up. I have heard people before say they cant do a roller or dont have a thumber. but are suprised to see they kinda do. The deal is as tourny players we should have all types of ahots in our bags. We need to be diverse to compete and sometimes the only way out of trouble is to do something your not sure about. This is a fundraiser tourny nonsanctioned and is to raise money for the course.. The CCR had done Mandos for years and it gave way to sanctioned events. I have brought this tourny back and have never heard of anyone mad they played. Some have said they even learned a thing or two. Fitz needs cement and new baskets. The layout will be shortened a bit for this. and if we get 10 to 15 people to show we will have enough for cement pads or a very much needed new basket.