Crane Creek Tuesday Handicap Singles   October 1 at 4:10am

Congratulation to the Winners

Congratulation to the Winners

Saturday's Handicap singles league had an attendence of

only 20 participants, somewhat lower than the usual 30 to

35 we normally get. This is probable due to changing the

day and time for the Winter session. We are hopeful that

our regulars will find us before long.

The winners for Saturday 28th were:

Lewis Bitney Hot Round @ 46 for $20 and bag tag 3

Ernie Ahnmasn First @ 44 for $30

Frank Villas Second @ 46 for $20 (won the playoff

Tony Gardin Third @ 46 for $10

Frank also won the CTP prize, a brand new Crosslap

approach disc that was contributed for this purpose

by a new distributor of the German made brand.

Hope to see you at 10am on Saturday, October 5th.

Ace Pool 1 is still at $250 and the second Ace Pool

is at $211.