M.V.D.S.A Tuesday Handicap League   September 17, 2013 at 4:06pm

Course for 9-17-13

This will be a 15 hole course today. We will be playing singles.
Hole 1: Hole 1.
Hole 2: Tee off path behind center field fence to basket 12. On or over path right OB.
Hole 3: Hole 2: In and over creek(bed) OB.
Hole 4: Tee pad 3 to portable basket by cherry trees up from basket 3. Mando right of marked tree near basket. Drop zone tee pad 4. Ouch. In and over creek(bed) OB. On or over path OB.
Hole 5: Hole 4.
Hole 6: Tee pad 9 to basket 5. Must land over path on 1st drive only. Re-tee.
Hole 7: Hole 6.
Hole 8: Tee off path past play area to basket 7.
Hole 9: Tee off path by water fountain to basket 8.
Hole 10: Hole 10.
Hole 11: Tee off sidewalk in front of building to basket 9. Mando right of marked tree. Drop zone tee pad 10. Must land over path on 1st drive only. Re-tee.
Hole 12: Tee board 21 to portable basket in circle of trees near tee pad 4.
Hole 13: Hole 11:
Hole 14: Tee off grass at corner of building to portable basket by big tree near tee pad 12. Must land within flag line on all shots. Drop zone tee pad 12.
Hole 15: Tee off dirt next to tee pad 12 to portable basket in spider tree next to creek. Must land between creek and path on all drives. Re-tee. Once inside Island. Play path and creek as an OB line.