M.V.D.S.A Tuesday Handicap League   August 30, 2013 at 11:06pm

Course for September 3rd

Hole 1: Hole 1
Hole 2: Tee off path behind center field fence to basket 12. Must land within path line and creek on drive. Drop zone tee pad 2.
Hole 3: Hole 2. Mando left of big tree near path by bridge. Drop zone tee pad 3.
Hole 4: Tee off path next to bridge to portable basket near tree by creek towards basket 3. In and over creek OB.
Hole 5: Tee off path by colvert to basket 11. Mando right of big tree near tee pad 4. Drop zone tee pad 4.
Hole 6: Tee off path near big trees by tee in path to basket 3. On or over path, in or over creek OB.
Hole 7: Hole 4.
Hole 8: Tee off road near man hole cover to basket 5. On or over path right OB. Over road right up to path OB.
Hole 9: Hole 6.
Hole 10: Tee off sidewalk by road near tree to portable basket near water fountain. On or over path OB.
Hole 11: Tee off path down from fountain to basket 7.
Hole 12: Hole 8.
Hole 13: Hole 9.
Hole 14: Tee off path by bench to portable basket in center of woods on way to table. On or over path O.B. Grass O.B.
Hole 15: Tee off path near restrooms to basket 10.
Hole 16: Hole 11.
Hole 17: Tee off grass by corner of building to portable basket near big tree towards tee pad 12. Must land within flag line on all shots. Drop zone in center of parking lot.
Hole 18: Hole 12. Must land within path lines on drive. Drop zone tee pad 4.