Nathen Eyman    August 30 at 3:40pm

HIGH STAKES TOURNAMENT TOMORROW NEEDING ONE MORE TEAM TO HAVE THE POT AT 240 dollars we are playing for 200 dollars right now so if you think you got what it takes to take home all the money there is one spot left call me or text me ASAP 5039647340

Remember any pros that show up will be asked to leave and wil not be able to play in our high roller event

Paul Compton-PortlandMobileDiscLab   August 30 at 5:06pm

Alright, this is getting interesting...I'm gonna' bring PMDLab down to Champoeg, sell a few discs, and check out the 2v2 action! I'll prolly roll in around 9, Nate.

Nathen Eyman   August 30 at 8:12pm

We only have 10 players Paul that would be really cool te see you there tho your more than welcom to come idk if you will get any sales I know if I win ill buy a few

Paul Compton-PortlandMobileDiscLab   August 30 at 8:41pm

Ah, it's just to sell to the randoms that come through, mostly. Will be fun to see how your matches turn out.

Nathen Eyman   August 30 at 9:07pm

Thanks man I'm sure who ever wins will buy plastic