J-Town Disc Golf Doubles League   August 20, 2013 at 4:51pm

August 14, 2013

WEEK 21 - August 14, 2013
Second Half #7
Dellwood Park -Lockport
18 Holes - Par 54

The night started with temperatures in the Low 70s and ended in the low 60s. The humidity was down all night. The winds picked up to around 8 mph during the round. The tee pads where a little rough in areas but other then that if was a perfect night for disc golf.

• What a kick ass time we had setting up a full 18 hole course just for the night. Although the Dellwood Park course is all but certain to go in by next year this layout may never be played again.

• Special thanks goes out to Sean Callahan & Gary Lewis for all their hard work on getting this course laid out.

• Thanks to everyone who helped out and brought baskets. It took over 30 of us to set up this course in a couple of hours . We had over 25 baskets show up in the end. We had guys driving and carrying baskets all over the place. We had people putting up signs & flags and they even saved my parking spot in the front. Guys helped out with registration and everyone brought in baskets on the holes they ended on.

•The amazing effort by everyone was the only way we were able to pull this off!

• This was a great preview of what Dellwood might look like in the future.

• Yes some fairways were super tight and extremely overgrown. Some ot the tee pads really sucked and there probably needs to be around 1000 stairs but who really cares. The course was great with potential of becoming greater.

ª Lockport Park District says thanks for opening up some of the fairways and trampling over some of the brush with our errant shots.

• Special shout out to Patrick Johnson of Aces and Chains for donating two Chicago Blackhawks stamped putters for CTPs

• Special shout out to Jason Poole for the great course maps!

• Brian Kevish and Dana Vicich shoot a course record that may never be broken on this layout. That’s pretty damn cool. They end up shooting an amazing round of 40(-14). Monk keeps his chances alive in the second half and overall with this win.

• Bolingbrook natives Cody Schmook and Kyle Anderson easily take down the Am/Nov division by two strokes. They end up shooting a fantastic round of 44 (-10). Cody opens up a six point lead for the second half and keeps his hopes alive for the top three in the overall. Kyle keep his chances alive for top four for the second half.

• No Aces pot to start at $57 next week

• Only Six weeks left of league! Where has the summer gone.

62 Players

Brian & Dana end up splitting $122 with their win. We had a tie for second with the teams shooting great rounds of 41 (-13). Darrin Johnson & Tom Matesevac pull out the ctp playoff on hole #17 to take the second spot. They end up splitting 78 bucks. Tom now jumps into fourth place for the second half and the overall standings. Dean Bingham & Mike Fierke take the third spot and split 50 bucks.

Kyle & Cody end up taking home $33 each. We had a four-way tie for second with teams shooting 46s (-8). Ken Hausser & Chris McCabe win the ctp playoff on hole #18 to take the second place honors. They end splitting 37 bucks. Chris now jumps into third for the second half and keeps his hopes alive for the overall standings. Ken sneaks his way up the second half board and with in striking distance of the top four. Joe Kolar & Jesus Padilla end up in third and take home $13 each. Joe also jumps into third for the second half point totals.

Tom Gulas - CTP Party Fund hole #1 = $48
?- CTP Basket Fund hole #7 = $46
Joe Kolar - CTP Tournament Fund hole #17 = $48
Travon Brown- CTP CFR Disc hole #18 = 2011 IL State Champ Nuke
Kris Hutter CTP hole #14 = Blackhawks Disc
Eric Fite CTP hole #12 = Blackhawks Disc

No Aces = $57 to start next week

Brian Kevish & Dana Vicich win the pro/adv division and take home $61 each.



See You Later,