2013 Cass Benton Monday Night Doubles   August 20, 2013 at 6:36am

2013 Seaon Wrap-Up

Thank you to each and every player that came out to Cass Dubs this season. Everyones commitment and enthusiasm helped make this a very fun and competitive league week after week. After many battles on the rain soaked hills of Hines Park we have crowned a Champion for the 2013 Season. That honor goes to Jason Jopps, who surpassed Geoff Bennett by 1 point on the final night of points. Congratulations Jason. The Top 5 finishers for the 2013 season are as follows:

1st - Jason Jopps - 523 pts - 22 rnds
2nd - Geoff Bennett - 522 pts - 17 rnds
3rd - Phil Common - 503 pts - 24 rnds
4th - Bill Chapman - 427 pts - 19 rnds
5th - Sam Smith - 424 pts - 20 rnds

We are proud to award 6 berths to the 2013 Michigan State Championships. Berth winners are as follows:

Phil Common
Josh Minard
Brett Stryker
Joe Laperna
Shay Speer
Parker Beard

Once again thanks to everyone that came out this year and i hope to see you all back again for the 2014 season.