2013 Tuesday Twos   August 15, 2013 at 4:51am

Basket Raffle

Don't forget, we'll be giving away an Innova Discatcher Sport courtesy of Rainy Day Games right before the finals next week. To be eligible, you needed to play at least five weeks and you will receive one entry into the drawing for every week you played. There were 55 players that qualified and a total of 581 entries.

You need not be present to win. Every effort will be made to contact the winner, but keep in mind that we don't have contact information for everyone. The basket can be picked up at Rainy Day Games within 30 days of the drawing. After that point, a new winner will be selected.

Here are a list of players who qualified for the drawing. Please contact me before the final week if you don't see your name on the list and think it should be there.

Bell Anthony
Black Andy
Blair Mike
Boe Mike
Brown Jamie
Cannon Brody
Chambliss Daniel
Clement Dave
Compton Paul
Davis Vince
Fox Scott
Frederick Andre
Fry Sean
Garcia Carlos
Gelhar Steve
Gillespie Matt
Gookin Ben
Grotte Troy
Harris Sean
Herman Cashly
Hicks Dean
Hicks Jason
Hill Chris
Hill Matt
Hoff Chris
Holman Eric
Jones Josh
Kress Brent
Kuhlman Chris
Liebenow Jason
Liebenow Jason
Marshall Nick
McCoy Darin
McGrew Jason
McMillan James
Morales Marco
Morris Jim
Nava Luis
Nava Michelle
O'Brien Kevin
Painter Eric
Patel Raj
Perry Eric
Powell Jason
Robinson Logan
Rogers Jacob
Savey Clark
Schiller Greg
Schroeder Matt
Seaman Alex
Sines Stephen
Smothers Kent
Starns Michael
Ussery Aaron
Zimmerman David

Good luck!

Mr CLEAN   August 15, 2013 at 7:27pm

HUGE... this is what salem could do if so many salemites didnt have there heads up there arses...