24 Cha!ns Summer 2013 Bag Tags   August 14, 2013 at 8:44pm

Bag Tag Finals 2 rounds Bandy Red Both Rounds Same partners

Round 1
Best Shot Double.. Normal doubles rules

Round 2
Worst Shot Doubles…
Both Players Drive; Take worst drive based off opponents discussion
Then continue; Take worst up shot .

This is where it will get confusing. You both putt but until both disc are in basket.
What this means is if you partner makes the deuce putt but u miss u have to continue playing ur shot until it is in the basket (so ur partner gets it in the basket in 2, but u take 4 shots ur score is a 4)

Aces will count towards League points series.
If ace occurs in worst shot doubles the player with the ace will get paid out from ace pool and will get 25 points towards leagues.
However the ace will not count towards ur score in worst shot unless both players ace.

Their will be 2 options for non bag tag players
Option 1: Pay $10 and get put into the pool of bag tag players and be able to compete for berth and prizes
Option 2: Pay nothing and get put in pool with other players that don’t wanna fight for a berth..

samuel smith   August 16, 2013 at 2:56pm

Is there a cash payout for people who have a birth but want to play for money