2013 Tuesday Twos   July 25, 2013 at 5:04am

Week 14

Another hot night at Orchard Park this week! After seeing team after team barely miss out on the elusive perfect round this year, we had two on Tuesday night. Brody Cannon and Marco Morales edged out Andrew Nava and Steven Sines in the throw-off for the win. To top it off, there were two teams at -17 as well.

There were 50 players this week.

Steve Gelhar aced hole 7 to grab the $48 ace pot.

We had a big pile of CTPs:
Hole 2: Jason Hicks won a Dynamic Discs Renegade donated by Kent Smothers.
Hole 3: Kent Smothers won a Dynamic Discs Fugitive donated by Josh Jones.
Hole 4: Dave Clement won an Innova T-shirt donated by Rainy Day Games and Hillsboro Hops tickets donated by Chris Hill.
Hole 6: Chris Hill won a Nuke SS and a Larson Surprise donated by Jeff Larson.
Hole 7: Steve Gelhar won an Innova towel donated by Jeff Larson.

Season standings:
It's time to start thinking about the finals. The top 10% of the field will be eligible for the finals - it's likely that will be 14 players. Each week, every player receives one point for every team they beat or tie, including their own. For the season, each player keeps their top 10 scores.

Brody Cannon has a pretty solid hold on first right now, but the race to make the finals is wide open.

Anyone can play the final week, but only the teams that make the finals are eligible to win the final payout. There will be prize money for the other teams, as usual.

Every player who has played at least five weeks will be eligible to win an Innova basket courtesy of Rainy Day Games. Players will receive one entry into the drawing for every week they play.

Thanks to our sponsors for week 14: Rainy Day Games, Kent Smothers, Josh Jones, Chris Hill, and Jeff Larson. See you next week!