Chain Bangerz   July 16, 2013 at 4:18pm

Novice League To Start July 26th at Wingfoot.

Hey All,

Starting July 26th and running until October 5th there will be a Novice league every Saturday. I would like to get some of the more experienced club members to come out and play with the newbies and help them learn the game. I will be bringing my extra discs so if you know anyone who wants to give it a try but has no discs to do so can.

There will be no fee to play, due to this being a way to get people involved in the sport, however players will be asked to make a free will donation in the box on the first tee every week. We will be doing an ace pool and i will be getting some swag to give away from Nut Sac Disc Golf Bags and the top 3 novice players will get a disc.

I can use all the help I can get with this, so don't be shy! :-) Cant wait to see you all out there to promote this awesome sport! I will have a time set later this week once i see how i can shift my work schedule. Thanks again!