Amory Disc Golf Association   July 3, 2013 at 2:48pm

Work Day

July 13th starting at 6 am. We will need 3 teams of 2-3 folks for this day. We are relocating holes 12-14 to the primary side of the tracks and will have to re-number holes 7-15 due to this. We will need a team clearing new hole 8 and moving 7's basket. We will need a team pulling the 3 baskets and bag holders from the other side of the tracks and bringing them across and planting those . We will also need a team moving all the bag holders that are affected by this move to their new holes. Hole 8-15's bag holders will all have new homes.

In addition to this work day, we are having a pre-work day clean up as Mr. Farrar (Michael's father) has agreed to bush hog the entire woods area for us either next Thurs or Fri. I would ask all members that plan to play rounds over the next week to choose a hole and remove the large limbs/tree tops to one of the brush piles so his bushogging goes smooth and easy with no problems. 10 and 11 may need more than one pass as those are the worst with dead trees.

If you have any questions feel free to contact me.