Roger F. Brundage  › West Michigan Meijer Olympic Games   June 19 at 9:06pm

Only six people registered and you need 6 per division??? Where are all the Discgolfers in and around G.R.??????

Fred Vocino   June 19 at 11:03pm

The question is, "Where are the internet connections in Grand Rapids?" Several people I talked to today at league said they planned to play. People don't use DGS enough as a way to show and build interest in an event. TD's must pull their hair out trying to find ways to get earlier player estimate ... more

Roger F. Brundage   June 22 at 10:25am

Thanks Fred. I don't think I would host a six person tournament. Especially when you need six per division. thought it was funny.

Fred Vocino   June 23 at 8:22am

It turns out that we got 5 grands. I led after rnd 1, fell back after 2nd. Now rnd 3 and my comeback.

Stan Razmus   June 24 at 10:52am

How many players total?

Fred Vocino   June 25 at 9:38am

Five MG1 players showed. That was enough.