Disc Gust Disc Golf Club   June 18, 2013 at 5:49am

Shoot The Breeze/WyOpen is Wyoming's Disc Golf Championships

Formally known as the Shoot The Breeze, the WyOpen is Wyoming's Disc Golf Championships. Two days, three rounds with lots of extras. Saturday, Aug. 10th at Dry Creek Parkway and Sunday, Aug. 11th, 24 holes on a temporary course set up on the Little America Ball Golf Course. A $16 fee to play on the Little America temporary course on Sunday is included in the player registration fee.

$400 will be added to the pro payout this year!

Presented by Disc Gust Disc Golf Club in association with Not Ashamed Media

TD: Daniel Groblebe - PDGA#: 43102
ATD: Zach Meeker - PDGA#: 42225