Dan Jenkins  › CDGA League   June 13, 2013 at 4:21am

What is the purpose of our league? To push people away, or to bring people together? I find it ironic that the same thing Chad Lantz was complaining about, he was just as much a part of. Chad said it is good to play the randomized cards because it helps the inexperienced players, play and learn from better disc golfers. I concour but...Then Chad complains that he had to play with inexperienced players all the time. I wonder how that made the people on his card feel when he said that about them? Or any of the other people he was incurring of. One of the other complaints from everyone is his inability to post the scores within a reasonable amount of time. I thought as a league administrator he would want to show class and dignity torwards other players, only to propagate our league and the sport. Instead of running players off. Chad said if people did not like the way he ran things they did not have to be a part of this league. It sounds like someone has a big ego and is on a powertrip to me. Thats why i, along with many others in our league think, that Chad Lantz league administrator shows no good qualities to deserve his position in helping to run this league. I think we should all vote a vote of no confidence in his leadership and to relinquish his position due to his childish antics and his wavering disposition.