M.V.D.S.A Tuesday Handicap League   June 8, 2013 at 12:15am

Course for 6-11-13

Hole 1: Hole 5.
Hole 2: Hole 6. Mando right of marked tree straight ahead left of big tree by path. If miss mando 1 stoke penalty and play it where it lies.
Hole 3: Tee off sidewalk by road to portable basket by tables. On or over path O.B.
Hole 4: Tee off path by water fountain to basket 7. In or over creek O.B. The creek line extends through the grass all the way to the play area. Make judgement call.
Hole 5: Tee off grass just across creek to basket 8. Must land over creek on drive. Re-tee. Once over creek In or over creek O.B.
Hole 6: Tee pad 9 to portable basket by tee pad 11. On or over path O.B.
Hole 7: Tee off path by last basket just played to portable basket by corner of covered area.
Hole 8: Tee off path by restrooms to basket 10. Mando left of tree just up from tee. Drop zone on path next to tree.
Hole 9: Tee off corner of sidewalk in front of building to portable basket just across path up from tee pad 11(same basket as two holes ago). Must land across path on drive. Re-tee. Once across path on or over path O.B. CTP hole. Ace hole. Good luck.
Hole 10: Hole 11.
Hole 11: Tee off grass over hill by side of apartments to portable basket by corner of building. Mando left of tree by corner of building. Drop zone center of parking lot.
Hole 12: Hole 12
Hole 13: Tee off path near basket 12 to basket 1.
Hole 14: Tee off backstop blacktop to basket 2.
Hole 15: Hole 3.
Hole 16: Tee off path by colvert to basket 11. On or over path left O.B. Mando right of marked tree by tee pad 4. Drop zone tee pad 4.
Hole 17: Tee pad 4 to portable basket by big tree near bench. On or over path deep O.B.
Hole 18: Tee off path near bench to basket 4.
O.K. whiners here's an easier course this week.