M.V.D.S.A Tuesday Handicap League   June 2, 2013 at 5:37am

news and course for 6-4-13

Another month down. No ace so far this year. Heather Quinton gained player of the month for 5 bonus points. Lots of points action in the standings each week. Braden Shuler hit a 120 foot birdie on hole 7. Well, since no one shot under par last week, I'll try to make the course a little easier this week. Looks like another week of no rain. it's hard to believe we went through April and May again without any real rain. Not much but a sprinkle a time or two. Matter of fact, haven't had much rain in all the years of this series. Do remember one day a few years back only 4 people played. Here's this weeks course.
Hole 1 : Tee pad 1 to portable basket at end of woods. On or over path O.B.
Hole 2: Tee off pad behind rest rooms near tables to basket 1. Mando right of last tree on left near table. Drop zone tee board 24. Ball field infield area O.B. On or over path O.B. Par 4.
Hole 3: Hole 2:
Hole 4: Hole 3.
Hole 5: Tee pad 4 to portable basket by big tree at tee in path by bench. Must land within path line on drive. Re-tee. Then on or over path O.B.
Hole 6: Tee pad 3 to portable basket in small circle of trees by tee pad 11. On or over path O.B.
Hole 7: Tee pad 10 to basket 4.
Hole 8: Tee off road up from big tree to basket 5.
Hole 9: Tee off path up from tee pad 6 to basket 6. On or over path right O.B. Drop zone nearest point of relief on path.
Hole 10: Hole 7. Water vortex rule. If you go in the water on this hole your disc is sucked into a vortex and re appears on tee pad 8. So no penalty for being in the water. Just a wee bit of distance lost and the thrill to try and stay out of the water again.
Hole 11. Hole 8.
Hole 12: Hole 10.
Hole 13: Tee off path behind tee pad 11 to basket 11.
Hole 14: Tee off dirt between trees near tee pad 12 to basket 12. Must land between path lines on drive. Drop zone nearest point of relief on path.
Hole 15: Tee pad 2 to basket 4.
Hole 16: Tee pad 9 to portable basket by tee pad 11. On or over path O.B.
Hole 17: Tee pad 11 to portable basket in circle of trees near tee pad 4. On or over path O.B.
Hole 18: Tee off path right of bench near tee pad 4 to portable basket straight ahead by big tree and path on way to play ground. On or over path O.B. Same basket as hole 1. Some one should break par this week.