Black & White   June 1, 2013 at 6:06pm

May Match Play

The May Match Play Tourney went swimmingly at Addison Oaks. It was a little bit smaller of a turn out than one of usual tournaments but nonetheless we were in good company as always. Trying out our new handicap system, implemented by Leonard Johnson we found two very close rounds of match play golf. Each match up finished with just a couple hole deficit to the losing player keeping things interesting the entire way. This scoring system should give the club an interest fourth season of disc golf.

After the first round of golf Mike Wolters, our previous tournament winner came out on top followed by Kyle Jansen and Jimmy J. With a tie breaker of most birdies the two facing off in the top card were Kyle and Mike for a very close final match.

After all was done Kyle worked the course with his long arm and beat Mike by a point and won the state finals berth as well as the cash prize for the day.

Overall the course was beautiful as it usually is even though the pollen was out in attack mode. Next on our schedule we will be heading up to Ludington for a couple rounds, one at Leviathan and another in the Mason County Park. After that please join us for your annual trip up to Traverse City for our weekend of golf. Six rounds, lots of prizes, and camping. For that weekend we will be giving away our last four state finals berths.