2013 DFOK SPRING Points League   May 22, 2013 at 7:38am

Only Two Weeks Remaining!

For some reason word has been going around that Tomorrow night is "the last points league round". I've even got caught up in repeating it, at least a couple times. However, there are three important items of interest that contradict that end date.

1. When looking at the schedule on this site (discgolfscene), it runs until May 29th. That is next Wednesday (not tomorrow). The schedule has been set & posted as such on this site for many many months.

2. In previous years, we have kept the DFOK sponsored bag tag league up & running until the Wednesday prior to the annual Little Apple Open (LAO). In the past it has been fun to discuss the highs & lows of the previous bag tag season, listening to everyones ideas about "next season", etc. while at the LAO. There are still two Wednesday night's, not one, until the 2013 LAO!

3. I'm certain that those of us in attendance at our 2012 Spring DFOK Meetings, decided to have the Bag Tag League and the Points League run until "the Wednesday prior to the Little Apple Open". Anything short of that would not be in keeping with what was discussed & decided upon in those DFOK meetings.

Sorry for the confusion. Good news is, as of right now we've got TWO remaining Warner Wednesdays in this years season!

Rick Petrie