Discraft Great Lakes Open   May 22, 2013 at 12:06am

2013 DGLO and 2013 USADGC...

Michigan Disc Golfers,

As of Wednesday, May 22nd, the Toboggan Disc Golf Course located within the Kensington Metro Park will be open for casual play and tournament practice rounds. The Tournament Staff of the Discraft Great Lakes Open and United States Amateur Disc Golf Championships are asking that anyone planning on running an organized event at the course, be it a league or a tournament, to please contact a DGLO/USADGC staff member regarding this. The Tournament Staff are responsible for the course and the baskets and as such as a courtesy we are requesting to be informed of the activities that are taking place there. You cooperation is greatly appreciated in this matter.

If you are planning on playing a causal round we ask that you respect the course and pack out anything that you brought to the course, except for the occasional lost disc that is! In addition, we please ask that you help keep this jewel of a course clean and pick up any trash that has found its way out there.

This course is hosting a PDGA National Tour event and a week later one of the most prestigious Amateur events on the tour. Very soon we will have many of the premier players in the world out on the course playing and we want to be able to put our best foot forward. We want to highlight to the world what Michigan Disc Golf is all about. You can have a direct impact in this and we hope that you can assist us.

While you are enjoying your round and you notice anything that needs immediate attention, please do not hesitate to contact John Minicuci (248-515-0350) , Mark Stephens (810-516-4955), or Chris Leo (248) 361-3880. We will notify the appropriate personnel so that the matter is swiftly taken care of. Also, please note that the course will be closed for play on May 30 – June 2 and June 6 – 9 for the two events. The course will be taken down very shortly after the USADGC. Thank you in advance for assisting us in this matter.

Straight Drives

DGLO/USAGDC Tournament Staff