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SpAce Race 2013! Round #2 Recap

Who knew it could rain in spAce? None of us, I reckon, though we all found out it's possible in round #2, lol. No matter, though, as once you're disc golfing you're only thinking about disc golfing, and nothing else really matters! At the very least it stopped by the time the round was over so we could enjoy the BBQ and raffle + awards.

As a Masters age player, big shout out to the top 3 winners on the day, two of whom are Masters age, and one who is a Grandmaster! You younguns' got a lot to learn about pin point accuracy, apparently, lol.


1st Place: Josh Parker - 19 points. Parker almost won the double ace pot single-handedly when he aced #18 in his first round and then hit the "refreshment bucket" on top of #18 his second time through! As is, the double ace pot survives another round and sits at 118$, waiting for all round #3 entries to sweeten it even more.

2nd Place: Lee H. aka Rogue Rider - 15 points. Lee aced #3 his 2nd time through and Ben Gookin flirted with helping win the double ace pot narrowly missing front side on his final throw. Lee and Parker are friends that traveled together for the full weekend of tournaments at Horning's Hideout and apparently took down a lot of names judging by the amount of ass they collectively kicked on Saturday! :)

3rd Place: "Crazy" Mike Anderson - 14 points. Crazy is the first player this year to bang 2 aces in one SpAce Race event! He was a late substitution for the "recovering from stitches" Grand Gentleman of Gaston, TD. The local "power" card he played on featured 3 cashes, 3 aces, and 3 raffle prize wins! Better to be lucky AND good!

Grade "A" Space Cadet Cashers:
Waterloo Brandon
Ryan Tech
Ken Hall
Chris Crill
Jeremy Sines
Ryker Witt
Daniel Chambliss
Duncan of National Disc Golf Maps

Grade "B" Space Cadet Cashers:
Vince Epker
Zig Aloha
Terry Kenney
Jennifer Falk Barajas
Brian Hausotter
Carl Cleem
Chris Cordova
David Knowles
Tyler Olsen
Chris Dimbat

The Top Gal and winner of a Latitude 64 Diamond disc was Jen FB, who as you can see cashed outright after nabbing an ace on #11!

Congratulations also to Daniel Chambliss, the lone player to win a Pure Power Up -- he aced #15 with his player pack Pure, which packs another Pure into this player's bag.

The average score for round 2 was 5.1 points, a little higher than the round 1 average of 4.8 points. Scoring is hard, so congratulations to those who did well, and chins up for those who braved the rain but had their luck washed away.

In fairness to those who left before prizes were awarded I'm going to implement a new system for winning the Constellation and Space Invader scoring categories. Those prizes were not given out Saturday, so if you have Constellation and Space Invader points from SpAce Race round #2, those points will each be worth 1 throw in a CTP (with a separate CTP throw off for both categories) to be held right before the player meeting each SpAce Race. If you happen to miss the next SpAce Race you can use your points at the next one you attend. Top two CTPs in each category will win either a new disc or shirt, with 3rd and 4th closest in each CTP winning a drink+muffin ticket.

SpAce Race 2013! Round 3 is scheduled for June 15th. We're tentatively planning on doing burgers + veggie burgers + Mike's Magic Mac Salad for the post-round BBQ, but the exact menu may not be decided until the week prior as it depends on Mike's extremely busy schedule this time of year. A big thanks to Big Mike for cooking "at cost" for these events so we can keep the dinner price low!

Updated Hole Commander charts coming later today...

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