M.V.D.S.A Tuesday Handicap League   May 11, 2013 at 1:34am

Course fro 5-14-13

Hole 1: Hole 5. Mando right of big tree near tee with road and path to basket 5. Drop zone tee pad 9.
Hole 2: Tee off path across from tee pad 6 to basket 7.
Hole 3: Tee pad 8 to basket 9. Mando right of normal tree. Drop zone tee pad 10.
Hole 4: Tee off second black patch by bench towards tee pad 11 to portable basket at end of woods near covered area. On or over path O.B. Mando right of marked tree near tee. Drop zone tee pad 11.
Hole 5: Tee off right side of back tee in path by rest rooms to portable basket straight ahead towards parking lot. Must land over path on drive. Re-tee. If O.B. again. Nearest point of relief.
$20.00 ace pot trick shot on hole 6. If you birdie hole 6 by hitting the previous basket first. You can take $20.00 out of the ace pot. In other words. If you make two long putts for a birdie you get $20.00 if your in the ace pot. The first putt will not look very inviting.
Hole 6: Tee off path by fireplace to basket 10.
Hole 7: Tee off path behind tee pad 11 to basket 11.
Hole 8: Hole 12.
Hole 9: Tee off path near basket 12 to basket 1.
Hole 10: Tee off path up from tee pad 2 to basket 2.
Hole 11: Hole 3.
Hole 12: Hole 4.
Hole 13: Tee pad 5 to basket 8. Mando left of tree by tee pad 9. Drop zone tee pad 9. Will be very hard to make 3p.
Hole 14: Tee off road near tee with path to basket 5. Must land inside path and road line on drive. Re-tee. If O.B. again. Nearest point of relief.
Hole 15: Hole 6.
Hole 16: Tee off grass near road to portable basket between tables and path. On or over path O.B. If on drive Re-tee. If O.B. again. nearest point of relief.
Hole 17: Tee off path near water fountain to basket 7. In or over creek O.B. Extend creek line through grass to play area.
Hole 18: Tee pad 8 to basket 4. Mando right of same bum tree.