Craig Prime  › At The Jungle - 4 Michigan State Berths - 4 Weeks - 4 Winners   May 9, 2013 at 9:42pm

Friday the 10th. noon at The Jungle for grillin, chillin and fulfillin your chance to play in the Michigan State Championships. We must tee off by 2:15 to allow for time enough to play doubles after the singles round. Doubles start at 5:15. There will be a grill there about noon, bring your meats, eats, treats and A GAME if you plan on avoiding the trees at Sanford. 4 divisions have space for players, Intermediate NEEDS another player so Curt McGill has a competitor, go get him someone. Open is open. Advance has 2 players, Recreational has 2 players. Once signed up, you'll get emails telling you of open times to play with other registered players as well as ALL scores recorded by all players registered.