2013 Friday Night Discin @ Stony   May 4, 2013 at 3:09am

Week 4 Results

Great weather for golf tonight 70, sunny and a bit breezy. 15 pros and 24 am's!

Herzog took it down in the pro's with a -5 (49) .
Krystal and Ryan Q won the best shot game with a -1 (53)
Mango won the CTP and took home the champ firebird towel and mini.
Schulte won the longest putt contest and took home the organic wizard.

The pro's had a 6 way tie for 3rd place and $27 so we played off for the money where the winner takes all. that's why 3rd place won more than 2nd place tonight. In the future we will split it into two winners. Nice job Geoff!

Ace pool is starting at $166 for next week.