Mason County Disc Golf Org.   April 24, 2013 at 12:22pm

League news

Thursday's Leviathan league will now be on the mids. Sunday is Dubs league at Beast. 5pm for both.
We have new discs in! Regular price: Ti Nuke SS (Memorial Championship stamp), Ti Forces, Z Crush, First Run Zombees, Champion Terns, Champ Roc3s, Star and Champ Teebirds (restock), Champ Bosses (restock), Blizzard Dominators (restock), Champ Rhynos, Star and Champ Valks (restock).

LE Discs are going to be league credit + $5 or $20 cash. No holds, no iou, no exceptions: Flag Dyed Z Zone, Z Banger GT, Cryztal Sparkle Flx Banger Gt, Cryztal Wasp, Glo FLX Wasp, 2013 US Masters Glitter Champ Shark3, Midnight Z Wasp. If you have a question about the cost of a disc ask Adam or Jeff.

We have less than 10 membership packs left! $20 gets you a dry fit 2013 Member tshirt, paragon golf towel, and lazer engraved bag tag! Support the club! Tell your friends.

Tuesday Beauty was a cold, rainy, miserable affair for the 11 people that showed. We did see the return of Tom Organ, who handily whooped us. Good to throw with you Tom! Jeff will have scores Thursday.

Bring a friend to league! New players only have to throw one round to get a handicap rating. Why play leagues that make you play (and pay) 2 or more? Players of all levels are always welcome.