2013 Tuesday Twos   April 24, 2013 at 4:57am

Week 1

Congratulations to Steven Sines and Levi Filkins who shot -16 to take the first Tuesday Twos of the 2013 Season.

We had a full house this week. Clear skies and wind in the first round but calm for the second half of the evening.

Hole 9 was a hot topic of conversation this evening with a tight OB circle around the basket. Players either loved or hated this hole: There were 22 bogies, 7 pars, and 25 birdies. Eleven teams birdies it both times while six teams bogied both times.

No aces were hit this week. $52 rolls over to next week.

A huge thanks goes out to Rainy Day Games for sponsoring all five CTPs this week:

Sean Fry won a TT Champion Gator on hole 1.
Scott Hill won an Innova towel on hole 2.
Joe Higgins won a TT Champion Leopard on hole 5 (long putt).
Jason Powell won an Innova shopping bag on hole 6.
Dave Clement won a Innova t-shirt on hole 7.

Thanks to all of the players who came out and made Tuesday Twos a great success this week. See you next week!