Winter Bag tags   April 6, 2013 at 6:34pm

April 7, 2013 9:30 meet 10 tee

Ladies and Gents, Boys and Gals the time has come. You have battled it out for many fridget weeks of snow war for the treasured #1. Who holds it? WHO CARES!! All bets are on the table for big booty of Cha!ns. This week shall determine the winner of 2012-2013 Winter Bag Tag Challenge. If you dropped your $10 in now is the time to defend it. Anyone who has played all winter long knows the move from last place to first happens in the toss of just one disc. Will it be your drive that takes the booty? Will it be your team mate screwing the pooch? (Not literally we hope) No one knows till the final disc is thrown. So come one come all. Weather you bought in or you just hope to throw cation to the wind and work the would be winner. Join us this Sunday 4-7-2013 @ Founders Park in Farmington Hills, MI at 9:30 AM so we can collect all the tags and ready them for their last go round in hopes to take the top 3 and the holy 24th. As always we understand there are those who choose to play other rounds else where at any given time and that has always been our montra to support disc golf in any form or fashion at any time, but please be kind and rewind.......ok only people older then 24 get that reference, but do remember to turn your tags in if you can not make this final round the tags still have a great destiny ahead of them. Thank you one and all for a wonderfully challenge bag tag season and as always CHAAAAAA!
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Robert Shaffer   April 6, 2013 at 11:29am

Also forgot to mention #2 has been turned back in and will be there to fight for on sunday